Dry Strainer for Big Dipper


The Big Dipper® DSA-25-1 Dry Strainer strainer separates and collects coarse solids such as rice, coleslaw, and other food scraps larger than 0.065 inches (1.59 mm) in diameter. The removable tray allows for easy and sanitary disposal of the collected solids directly into a trash receptacle. The Dry Strainer is made of durable plastic and offers a convenient solution for waste disposal of coarse solids.



• Constructed of corrosion resistant plastics suitable for installation in any location

• Designed to connect to the Inlet of all Big Dipper units up to 25 gpm

• Field reversible for easy installation

• Removable Solids Basket

• One (1) No-Hub Connectors and Two (2) End Caps provided

The Big Dipper® DSA-25-1 Dry Strainer is a companion for Big Dipper units with flow rates up to 25 gallons per minute (gpm). The Dry Strainer makes it easy to see when maintenance is needed, simplifies maintenance, and reduces clogged drains caused by coarse solids build-up.

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