Approvals and Certifications for Thermaco Products

Thermaco grease trap products are widely accepted and approved for use throughout the United States and in other nations around the world.

If local code approval is required in your area, please contact us. Our products may already be approved. If not, we will make every effort to obtain approval in your area so that you can also benefit from Thermaco grease trap products.


UPC Logo

Accepted for Listing By:

IAPMO (International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials)*



Conforms to ASME Standards*

ASME A112.14.3

ASME A112.14.4

Big Dipper & Little Dipper Listing Certificate

Contact Thermaco for ASME Test Reports


CSA Logo

Tested and Certified* By: CSA (Canadian Standards Association) to comply with:

CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 68-92

CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 88-1958


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Conforms To Plumbing & Drainage Institute Standard



Third Party Evaluations and Listings

  • Plumbing & Drainage Institute*
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • Canadian Standards Association
  • City of Los Angeles Testing Laboratory

Approvals and Listings

  • Uniform Plumbing Code
  • South Florida Plumbing Code
  • City of Clearwater
  • City of Las Vegas
  • City of Los Angeles
  • City of New Orleans (Orleans Parish)
  • City of New York - Material and Equipment Acceptance (MEA) Division
  • City of Philadelphia
  • City of Punta Gorda
  • City of San Diego
  • Narragansett Bay Commission
  • Ohio Plumbing Code
  • Palm Beach County
  • State of California
  • State of Kentucky Legislative Research Commision
  • State of North Carolina Health Department
  • State of Ohio Health Department
  • State of Oregon

Further listings/approvals are available upon request. Please contact Thermaco, Inc. for information.


* Please consult Thermaco for details on the specific models tested, certified, and/or listed by these organizations.