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Why should you upgrade your Big Dipper with an Upgrade Kit?

Advanced odor protection traps any odors inside the tank
Advanced Odor Protection traps odors inside the tank
Do it yourself in 10 minutes or less
No professional installation required
Updated and brand new controls, grease collector, and lid
Updated controls, brand new grease collector and lids
Each upgrade kit comes with a 3 year electrical warranty
Each upgrade kit comes with a 3-year electrical warranty

Upgrade Kits enhance older Big Dipper to have Advanced Odor Protection.

Our Upgrade Kits include brand new electric components with an updated, high performing foam gasket, up-to-date grease collector, and 2 stainless-steel lids. All of this is backed by our 3-year electrical warranty. With no professional installation required, it's even easier to beat grease and get back to work! Upgrade kits are easy to install (no professional installation required). Installation videos and instructions can be found at dipperhelp.com/upgrade. Upgrade kits only work with Big Dipper IS units for series 8000, 21000, 14000, and 40000. Only for units sized 75 GPM (W-750-IS) or smaller. Not available for AST models. Electrical Requirements: 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1173 Watts (10.2 Amps).