Grease interceptor Sizing Tool

How does it work?

This sizing tool is to provide a product(s) recommendation based on two factors:

  1. Maximum flow rate - Calculated based on each of the sink compartment dimensions and the number of additional fixtures (i.e. mop sink, hand sink, pre-rinse sink, etc.) connected to the grease interceptor.
  2. Grease storage capacity - Calculated based on food type, serveware, customers per day, and pump out frequency.

Enter the various information below and a product(s) recommendation will be provided.

  • Compartment Sinks
    In the fields below, add the length, width, and height of each sink compartment. If all of the compartments are the same size, enter in the dimensions and select the number of compartments in your sink. Click ‘add sink with new dimensions’ if the size varies by compartment. Information for the pre-rinse sink is entered in the fixtures section.
    Sink Compartments Compartment Length Compartment Width Compartment Height
      Compartments (inches) (mm) (inches) (mm) (inches) (mm)
  • Fixtures

    Enter in the quantity of fixtures connected to the grease interceptor. We do not need to know the dimensions for these fixtures.

    Type of Fixture # of Fixtures GPM (Gallons Per Minute)l/s (Liter per Second)
    Floor Drains/Floor Sinks
    Mop Sink
    Hand Sink
    Pre-Rinse Sink
  • Dishwasher
  • Model type and drain time
  • Results
    Total GPM l/s Model Type
    GPM l/s
    We Recommend:
    These results are solely a manufacturer’s product recommendation based on inputs entered. Consult with your city regulations for official product approval.

    Need a custom recommendation by our support team for your exact needs?