Why Lifetime Product Support Is More Vital Than Ever

Some things are built to last. Others aren’t. I was struck when I read recently that the average years of marriage before divorce is 7.85 years. The average age of a Big Dipper unit, on the other hand, is nearly twice that, at 12.5 years. Now, that’s a real commitment.


That’s also why we give away thousands of dollars and hours worth of technical support, consulting services, parts, on-site service calls and more every year. A successful commitment goes both ways. We want Big Dipper users to keep their machines in top shape so they don’t fall out of compliance.


The only thing that keeps us from giving away even more of our time and resources is not knowing who owns the majority of our more than 38,000 units operating in the field.


Today and in the future, the link between customer and vendor will be absolutely vital. Why? Consider the struggle restaurant operators are having with hiring. It’s not just food service, either. All service industries are having trouble with staffing, including plumbing.


Restaurant businesses need vendors to step up with the kind of help we provide. We all know optimal service begins with having good customer information to begin with. That’s why we just launched a campaign to compel more customers to register their devices with us.


The more we know about their Big Dippers ahead of time, the faster we can find the solution that keeps them compliant.


A Better Analogy


Really, a Big Dipper unit is more like a beloved high-mileage car that has reached 200,000 miles because its owner followed all the routine servicing and parts replacement guidelines. Thousands of Big Dipper units are operating in their third decade because their owners have had parts replaced from normal wear.


But again, the problem is how to get the unknown thousands of other Big Dipper units in contact with us so we can help keep their Big Dipper units running efficiently for another twenty or more years. Our phone, chat, websiteYouTube channel, live technical support, and other services are all free to help them do so.


Your Crucial Role


The majority of Big Dippers units in the field were sold by plumbing wholesalers to local plumbers. We don’t have records showing exactly where these units were installed.


We often gain this information AFTER a pretreatment professional has visited a site and found a Big Dipper unit in need of repairs or upgrades. We urge pretreatment personnel to encourage all Big Dipper owners on their systems to reach out to Thermaco for technical support.


What is technical support? Literally everything from teaching new restaurant personnel how to empty a strainer basket to assessing the mechanical condition of a 20-year-old unit. Big Dipper support videos cover all situations, and we have live-staffed phone support ready to help.


We also provide training on how to utilize point-source grease and solids removal in all types of environments, from simple kiosks to complex institutional sites. For example, we often help sites with existing large concrete separators meet effluent requirements via installation of up-stream point source grease and solids capture equipment.


The range of possibilities is vast, but we have four decades experience helping sites meet local pretreatment effluent requirements. Our goal is simple. To strengthen our commitment to our existing customers and, by extension, to you and your peers in the pretreatment field.


Please ask if your FSEs with Big Dippers have registered. If they haven’t, they can do so quickly and easily here: https://big-dipper.com/reg-big-dipper