School with Two Kitchens Relies on Big Dipper

For two decades, Tony Fulginiti has helped keep facilities running smoothly at Bay Path Regional Vocational Technical High School in Charlton, Mass. All that time, the school has managed its grease with Big Dipper automatic grease interceptors. 


Bay Path has two kitchens, one for its main cafeteria and the other for its culinary program. The school operates a full-service restaurant on campus 4 to 5 days a week. To keep grease out of its plumbing system and stay compliant with local codes, it currently has six Big Dipper 51000 series units installed under or near sinks. 


“I like the design of Big Dipper units,” says Fulginiti, who is now Building Superindentant at Bay Path. “I like how easy disposing of the grease is on a daily basis. The maintenance directions and sheets that come with them are thorough. I also like that we haven’t had to replace much over the years. But overall, the ease of use is key for us.”

This is particularly true in the culinary school kitchen, where students are more susceptible to getting distracted and forgetting all about the grease interceptor. On Big Dipper units, the grease container is easy to access, remove and carry, making the job of grease disposal no chore at all. And because the grease container keeps odor in, it’s not unpleasant, either. 


Meanwhile, Bay Path has saved thousands of dollars on fees it would otherwise have had to pay a pumping service to dispose of grease.


Fulginiti says the responsive service he gets for his Big Dippers is also crucial. Demands in the kitchens are constant. Bay Path can’t afford downtime before or during the lunch rush or when its student-run restaurant is running. 


“My customer service experiences have been outstanding,” says Fulginiti. “The crew down there takes the ball and tells me what I need to do next. Most of the time, it’s gathering information for them to implement changes and send me what I need. To this point, everything has been under warranty.” 


Twenty years of great experience is more than enough proof for Fulginiti that Big Dipper is the only grease management solution his school needs.