Upgrade Kit for 25.5” Big Dipper


Fits Big Dipper 8000, 21000, 14000, and 40000 IS units 25.5” in length.

Big Dipper Upgrade Kits provide odor protecting technology* to aging Big Dipper Units! Increased odor protection over previous series Big Dippers, may reduce foul odors caused by grease in your kitchen. The Big Dipper Upgrade kit includes a brand new 51000 Complete Lid Assembly, a new high performing foam gasket, new grease collector, and 2 new stainless-steel lids. Includes 3-year warranty on new Complete Lid Assembly^. See below to determine the size you need to order. Not available for AST models.

Upgrade kits are easy to install and provide increased odor protection over aging Big Dipper Units. For the most advanced  odor protection, please purchase a new Big Dipper with Advanced Odor Protection 

Big Dipper Upgrade kits will be sent directly to your location, please provide Serial Number (found on the Big Dipper tank) and EA Number (found on the Complete Lid Assembly) in the comments section when ordering. 

*Odor Protection prevents odors from escaping through the lid of the Big Dipper but does not prevent odors related to the rest of the plumbing system including but not limited to: open floor drains, air gaps, external solids straining devices, improper venting, and odors generated elsewhere in the plumbing system.
^Warranty is on electrical components only. Please see the Warranty section of the Operation Instructions for full details.

Upgrade kits only work with Big Dipper IS units for series 8000, 21000, 14000, and 40000. Only for units sized 75 GPM (W-750-IS) or smaller.

To determine which size Big Dipper Upgrade Kit needed measure the front (long side) of your Big Dipper tank. Find out how here.

If your Big Dipper is 22.5” order MLEK-RET-22.5

If your Big Dipper is 25.5” order MLEK-RET-25.5.

If your Big Dipper is 28” order MLEK-RET-28.

If your Big Dipper is 34” order MLEK-RET-34.

If your Big Dipper is 42” order MLEK-RET-42.

Please provide the Serial Number (found on the Big Dipper tank) and EA Number (found on the Complete Lid Assembly) in the comments section when ordering. For the most advanced odor protection technology, please purchase a new Big Dipper with Advanced Odor Protection!

Electrical:  115 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1173 Watts (10.2 Amps)*

Thermaco Big Dipper Upgrade Model No. MLEK-RET-25.5, 1 rotating gear oleophilic/hydrophobic skimming wheel assembly for automatic grease/oil removal, flow control device, self-regulating electric immersion heater with thermostatic control, digital control for programmable operation, field reversible motor assembly, quick release stainless steel lid clamps, fully removable stainless steel lid with magnetic lid tensioners, polymer wiper blade unit and a separate gasketted removable grease and oils collection container with carry handle and pouring spout. Electric assembly shall be tested to comply with pertinent sections of the Standards for Safety ANSI/UL 73 and/or ANSI/UL 1004. Electric motor equipped with overload protection.