Why Do I Need A Grease Trap?

Grease Traps Are Good For Business

Big Dipper Automatic Grease Traps are designed to sit conveniently next to the sink or in a basement.

Grease Traps Are Good For Business

Grease interceptors come in a number of shapes and sizes, ranging from large units installed outside your kitchen to compact devices located beneath pre-rinse sinks. The latter capture FOG where most of it enters the plumbing system. While protecting your city’s wastewater system, these units also help guard your business’ plumbing against costly clogs. Kitchens with long plumbing runs to the sewer system -- such as those in a mall or hospital, or a restaurant inside of a large building -- often choose under-sink grease interceptors. They know these devices will save them from backups, non-compliance fines, and downtime for repairs that can result from clogs. Other kitchens use higher-capacity grease interceptors that are usually installed outside the kitchen. These units are designed to handle greater volumes of FOG. Regardless of which type is right for your kitchen, a grease interceptor lets you focus on growing your business because you know you have FOG under control.

Grease Traps Are Good For Your Community

Big Dipper Grease Interceptors are designed using plastic inner tanks which will not rot or leak.

Grease Traps Are Good For Your Community

Your city’s sewer collection system takes wastewater to a treatment plant. Treatment plants are not designed to handle FOG. FOG (especially grease with animal fats) cools and solidifies at normal temperatures in pipes. That cooling, with other chemical reactions in sewer lines, causes blockages and, eventually, backups called sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs). SSOs are significant public health risks and require specialized equipment, time, and manpower to clear. In communities like yours where grease interceptors are required, SSOs are rare. As a result, your local government doesn't have to budget money for sewer repairs. It can invest in urban beautification and other projects that help keep your business open and thriving.

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