Flow Control Rubber, 100 GPM


For 2000 series units and older. 

This flow control is trimmed after ordering to ensure the correct GPM. Select the flow control that corresponds to the flow rate of the Big Dipper.

This part is for units sized at 100 GPM (W-1000-IS).

For 20 GPM (W-200-IS) units, select FCR-1-20

For 25 GPM (W-250-IS) units, select FCR-1-25

For 35 GPM (W-350-IS) units, select FCR-1-35

For 50 GPM (W-500-IS) units, select FCR-1-50

For 75 GPM (W-75-IS) units, select FCR-1-75


Flow Control Rubber 7.5" x 5"


For units sized at 100 GPM.