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Factors To Consider When Replacing A Grease Trap

Factors To Consider When Replacing A Grease Trap

Replacing a grease trap is a real opportunity for you and your business to save money and avoid plumbing problems better than you had before. Most grease traps last at least a decade, and in that time the technology has improved and has been proven enough to help your business manage grease on a whole new level. To make your shopping experience easier, several factors to consider when reviewing your options. 

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How to Calculate the Total Cost of Ownership of a Grease Trap

Lifetime Cost of Grease Traps

Shopping for a new grease trap? Prices aren't what they seem. Over the life of a grease trap, what you paid upfront will become a small percentage of the total cost of ownership. To get the best value for your business over the long term, you must think of the cost in more holistic terms. Costs fall into three categories, and we outline them here to help you make the best buying decision. 



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How to Size a Grease Trap for a Commercial Kitchen

Correctly estimating the size of a grease trap for your project is crucial to avoid overflows, backups, and unnecessary costs. It's not easy, however. Sizing methods many plumbing codes use tend to overestimate peak flow, dictating more capacity than really needed. Those codes are based on the assumption that all fixtures in a kitchen will simultaneously experience peak flow. 

The reality is much different: 

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School with Two Kitchens Relies on Big Dipper

Big Dipper Automatic Grease Interceptors

For two decades, Tony Fulginiti has helped keep facilities running smoothly at Bay Path Regional Vocational Technical High School in Charlton, Mass. All that time, the school has managed its grease with Big Dipper automatic grease interceptors. 

“I like the design of Big Dipper units,” says Fulginiti, who is now Building Superindentant at Bay Path. “I like how easy disposing of the grease is on a daily basis. The maintenance directions and sheets that come with them are thorough. I also like that we haven’t had to replace much over the years. But overall, the ease of use is key for us.”

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It’s About Survival: How One of Asheboro’s Most Popular Gathering Places Is Handling the Pandemic

Since the pandemic began, Four Saints Brewing Company has been one of the most visible small businesses in our home base of Asheboro, NC. It has hosted virtual concerts, partnered with a food truck, and stepped up its social media presence to soften the blows it’s taken from state-mandated restrictions and shutdowns. 


Along the way, owner and CEO Joel McClosky has discovered his taproom’s unofficial status as the town’s “third place” has been both a blessing and a curse in the COVID era. 

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Guide for Ice Cream Parlors, Sweet Shops, Coffee Houses and Bakeries

We've received calls from operators of bakeries, ice cream parlors, sweet shops and coffee houses wondering why their Big Dipper automatic grease traps aren't collecting much grease. It's an easy answer. Your food operations don't produce much, if any, grease.

There are other more important things to be aware of, however. That's why we created this handy guide to help your Big Dipper work hard for your business. 

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